Welcome at Business Innovation Centre Drenthe (BIC Drenthe).

We are non-stop working hard to make this website an exciting and challenging place to visit. Not only present these pages a stage for new innovations, new business and new opportunities, it also establishes a network wherein all stakeholders can settle so that numerous connections can be realised in a simple and natural way. 

BIC Drenthe in short

Business Innovation Centre Drenthe (in short BIC Drenthe)
is the foundation where all international activities in connection to the Province of Drenthe can have a safe landing.

As a  non-profit foundation with a great sensitivity to corporate social responsibility and sustainable entrepreneurship, we facilitate projects and initiatives that contribute thoroughgoingly to the economic growth of Drenthe and the wellbeing of its companies.
Furthermore, it plays an important role in connecting companies from Drenthe to companies, organisations and research institutes worldwide by organising visits and participation to congresses, symposia, trade fairs and trade missions.

BIC Drenthe was admitted as EBN Associate Member in 2018. EBN is short for the European Business Innovation Centre Network (EBN.eu)

EU|BICs are quality-certified business support organisations, which dedicate their efforts and resources to help entrepreneurs with innovative ideas, turn those ideas into viable, successful and sustainable businesses. An EU|BIC’s value chain is classically described as follows: “stimulate, detect, assess, select, incubate, mentor, cluster, accelerate, internationalise”.

BIC Drenthe complies with the guideline of the Governance Code Cultuur with regards to the way the organisation has been governed. 

About us

During his work for the Province of Drenthe in the past six years , Jan Jacob Hilberdink MSc, the current director of BIC Drenthe, has found that the internationalisation by the industry and SMEs in this province is at a lower level than several other Dutch provinces. The participation in EU programs is even less. Despite the fact that the Province of Drenthe and Fryslân developed an extensive internationalisation program, the entrepreneurs in Drenthe show much reluctance to become involved in projects and operations abroad.

However, concerning the ruling policies on development and growth,  the need to give the SMEs within Province of Drenthe an international boast is well recognised and considered to be urgent!
The focus of the new initiatives is mainly aimed at increasing the export with Germany. Studies indicate that entrepreneurs based in Drenthe are not familiar with European programs,  incentives and subsidies and if they are aware, they are not inclined to make intensive use of these supportive measures (Innovation Monitor (2018) State University Groningen-SNN).

By the majority of SMEs innovation is still considered something technical, i.e. product innovation. BIC Drenthe expects to realise a real change of mind by making clear that e.g. exploring foreign markets, integrating the supply chain, becoming sustainable, seeking for cross-sectoral connections, are also ways to innovate. The tools and experience of EBN might prove to be very helpful.

With the establishment of Business Innovation Centre Drenthe we created the indispensable platform, which organisations are longing for so badly.
A foundation where all stakeholders can perform their activities, varying from incubation, acceleration, innovation, research, entrepreneurship promotion and last but not least the participation in European initiatives and projects. The educational institutes herein play an predominant role.


The EBN Ecosystem consists of many types of organisation. We categorise these organisations into six core areas:

Events & Projects

De Rode draad

China is een wereldmacht en Xi Jinping de machtigste man op aarde. Toch weten we maar weinig van het land, de leiders en zijn plannen voor de toekomst. In de deze podcast van Bureau Buitenland onderzoekt radiomaker Saar Slegers samen met China-correspondent Cindy Huijgen en geopolitiek expert Ties Dams wat China’s toekomstplannen zijn.


In zes afleveringen leren we onder meer over de achtergrond van Xi, zijn ideeën op het gebied van technologie, klimaatdoelstellingen en defensie. Belangrijk en boeiend, want wat grootmacht China doet, heeft ook effect op ons. De Rode draad

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World Trade Center Metz Saarbrücken operates a business network within the Greater Region Germany-France-Luxembourg-Belgium and provides services and premises to growing companies. Its objective is to promote business relations between companies in this crossborder region, through thematic meetings, exchanges, and one major business club “Le Club”.

During this webinar you will learn about Metz Saarbrücken, the leading industries, the way to do business in Bulgaria, export and import opportunities, investment possibilities and how to find the right business partner.

Metz Saarbrucken


Virtuele handelsmissie Querétaro / Mexico

WTC Leeuwarden | Noord-Nederland organiseert van 17 mei tot en met 20 mei 2021 samen met het WTC Queretaro en het Netherlands Business Support Office (RVO)  een Virtuele Handelsmissie naar Querétaro/Mexico waarbij wij Nederlandse bedrijven gaan koppelen aan bedrijven uit deze stad en/of land.

Querétaro de Arteaga is de hoofdstad van de staat Querétaro en bevindt zich ongeveer in het midden van Mexico. De stad Querétaro telt circa 1,5 miljoen inwoners en kent veel bedrijvigheid. Belangrijke sectoren voor Querétaro zijn Automotive, Aerospace, Land- en tuinbouw en toerisme. Bedrijven zoals Michelin, Airbus, Kellog’s, Bombardier en Nestlé hebben hier hun hoofdkantoren gevestigd, ook zijn er meer dan 60 Nederlandse bedrijven actief in deze staat.