Welcome at Business Innovation Centre Drenthe (BIC Drenthe).

We are non-stop working hard to make this website an exciting and challenging place to visit. Not only present these pages a stage for new innovations, new business and new opportunities, it will also establish a network wherein all stakeholders can settle so that numerous connections can be realised in a simple and natural way. 

BIC Drenthe in short

Business Innovation Centre Drenthe (in short BIC Drenthe)
is the foundation where all international activities in connection to the Province of Drenthe can have a safe landing.

As a  non-profit foundation with a great sensitivity to corporate social responsibility and sustainable entrepreneurship, we facilitate projects and initiatives that contribute thoroughgoingly to the economic growth of Drenthe and the wellbeing of its companies.
Furthermore, we play an important role in connecting companies from Drenthe to companies, organisations and research institutes worldwide by organising visits and participation to congresses, symposia, trade fairs and trade missions.

BIC Drenthe has been admitted as EBN Associate Member. EBN is short for the European Business Innovation Centre Network (EBN.eu)

In 2018/2019 BIC Drenthe is fully focussed to comply with the  Quality Mark Criteria to become a full EU|BIC member.

EU|BICs are quality-certified business support organisations, which dedicate their efforts and resources to help entrepreneurs with innovative ideas, turn those ideas into viable, successful and sustainable businesses. An EU|BIC’s value chain is classically described as follows: “stimulate, detect, assess, select, incubate, mentor, cluster, accelerate, internationalise”.

BIC Drente complies with the guideline of the Governance Code Cultuur with regards to the way the organisation has been governed. 

About us

During his work In the past two years in the Province of Drenthe, Jan Jacob Hilberdink, the current director of BIC Drenthe, has found that the internationalisation in this province is on a pitifully low level. Although the Province of Drenthe has developed an extensive internationalisation program, the entrepreneurs in Drenthe show much reluctance to become involved in operations abroad.

However, concerning policies on development and growth,  the need to give the Province of Drenthe an international boast is well recognised and considered to be urgent! The focus of the new initiatives is mainly aimed at increasing the export with Germany. Studies indicate that entrepreneurs from Drenthe are not familiar with European programmes,  incentives and subsidies and if they are aware, they are not inclined to make intensive use of these supportive measures (Innovation Monitor (2016) State University Groningen-SNN).

By the majority of SMEs innovation is still considered something technical, i.e. product innovation. BIC Drenthe expects to realise a real change of mind by making clear that e.g. exploring foreign markets, integrating the supply chain, becoming sustainable, seeking for cross-sectoral connections, are also ways to innovate. The tools and experience of EBN might prove to be very helpful.

With the establishment of Business Innovation Centre Drenthe we have created the indispensable platform, which organisations are longing for so badly.
A foundation where all stakeholders can perform their activities, varying from incubation, acceleration, innovation, research, entrepreneurship promotion and last but not least the participation in European initiatives and projects. The educational institutes herein will play an important role.


The EBN Ecosystem consists of many types of organisation. We categorise these organisations into six core areas:

Events & Projects

From now until May 24th, 2018 – EU CALL

Entrepreneurial capacity building for young migrants
Published on: 16/02/2018 Last update: 11/04/2018

The overall objective of this call is to support the creation, the improvement and the wider distribution of support schemes for migrant entrepreneurs.

This call will identify potential entrepreneurs among migrants and raise awareness about entrepreneurship within migrant communities. Specifically, the focus is on:

  • Training courses (e.g. on entrepreneurship, business planning, the legal aspects of setting up a company and hiring employees, etc.)
  • Mentoring schemes for migrant entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs

The aim of these activities is to help migrants to become self-employed and build a successful enterprise (profit-generating and/or with social objectives).

Eligible applicants

Applicants must be established in one of the 28 EU countries.

Budget and project duration

The total budget earmarked for the co-financing of projects is estimated at €2,225,000.

The maximum duration of projects is 24 months.

Maximum EU financing rate of eligible costs: The contribution will be up to 85% of the total cost of the project.

April 23-26th, 2018 – Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

EUMCCI helps you to unlock your business potential in Malaysia!

We are dedicated to increasing your business opportunities, reach your local target market and build the right partnership in the private and public sector to elevate your business to the next level in ASEAN.

With this EU co-funded Business Mission, we provide a comprehensive programme supporting European businesses keen on meeting industry key players, establishing and expanding business relations, and market insights on the IoT market in Malaysia!

You are encouraged to demonstrate your latest technology products/ solutions/ track records to local enterprises that you will meet during this IoT Trade Missions Programme!

EUMCCI welcomes you to Malaysia, the gateway entry point to ASEAN!

June 6-8th, 2018 – Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg)

Business and Innovation Center managers, corporates, startups, entrepreneurs and experts in the innovation and incubation arena will come together at EBN Congress ‘Future of Innovation‘, jointly organised by EBN and Technoport sa, which is taking place for the first time in Luxembourg.

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